Thursday, May 11, 2017

Reading Response // Big brother, Little Sister

Reading Response

Name: __Sara _________________________

Text Title: ___________________________________________________________________

Author: __Witi Ihimaera __________________________         Text Type: ____________________

This written text is about (brief summary and purpose of the work)

This is about where a mother finds this man who she is rather fond of but this man doesn't seem to be someone her kids rather like , he abuses her and does sexual things to the mum in front of her kids and he doesn't seem to want those kids around because they know what he is actually doing to the mum. He is abusing her and when her son tried standing up for himself he gets abused as well.

I really enjoyed this novel/short story/poem/non-fiction work/ article (please circle one) because:
__I enjoyed this story because it hooked you into what you were reading , I really found it interesting on reading about the abuse parts of the story because I felt that it kept drawing you into the story more and more.

In particular the plot or character or setting or theme or language features (choose one) interested me because:
_____The characters interested me the most because Uncle Pera seemed to be quite a douche especially what he has been doing to her kids and her , and when he came back drunk because he maybe got rejected and just sprung back to her was a bit rude because he was expecting everything to be back to how he wanted it.

Overall this text made me re-evaluate/consider/ think/ feel (choose one and provide evidence for your comment)
___This text made me think that this is actually happening in reality and there are men and women doing that to people  and thinking it's alright.

Sunday, April 2, 2017



Ko Ngongotaha toku Maunga
Ko Utuhina toku Awa Ko Te Arawa toku Waka Ko Te Arawa toku Iwi Ko Graydon toku PapaKo Sue toku MamaKo Matthew toku KauaemuaKo Emily toku TuakanaKo Sara Cooper toku Ingoa
Ko Sara Cooper Toku Ingoa